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Chelmsford Youth Wrestling Tournament 2024


We can't thank everyone enough for their help making this years Chelmsford Youth Wrestling Tournament another huge success! There were over 650 wrestlers and over 1000 matches! There is absolutely no way we could run this tournament without all of the help from our parents, coaches, board members, and wrestlers! From parents helping with set up on Saturday night, coming in early on Sunday, helping usher the kids in through the registration lines, spending all day at the HS working at admissions, medal runners, to all of the hard work that is done by the concessions crew, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You are what makes this program great and I can't wait to see what these kids do as they continue with CYW, and eventually move on to the High School!

All total, we had 38 Chelmsford wrestlers compete in this year's tournament. Congratulation to all of those wrestler and we hope you had a blast!

Chelmsford 1st Place Finishers:
Cam Celata
Niko Milona
Jaxson Laroche
Jackson Teles
Ethan Duggan
John Mclatchy
Jadel Salazar
Nathan Hardy

Chelmsford 2nd Place Finishers:
Nathan Celata
Jack Sullivan
Henry Allard
Dean Juhola
Boden Perry
Collin Stevenson

Chelmsford 3rd Place Finishers:
Ezra Gomes
Cameron Juhola
Joey Barilla
Brennan Myers
Jackson Mix
Jacob Mount
Bailey Brown
William Swift
John Meehan
Alex Glennie

Chelmsford 4th Place Finishers:
Mason Maxwell
Trevor Bates
Drew Decker
Kenny Brown
Talan Seeley
Logan Hill
Avery Glennie
Jameson Mix
Jaxson Swanfeldt
Anthony Teles
Connor Meehan
Evan Nobregga
Nathan Buckley
Ryan Doe

5th Place Finishers:
Nolan Durkin